Wing chair and ottoman in leather

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 8th 2019

Wing chair and ottoman in leather

The Wing lounge chair is Manhattan Home Design’s reinterpretation of Hans Wegner’s astounding icon, first created in 1960. It features a true-to-design approach to the original furniture piece, resulting in one of the most appealing replicas on the market today. The Wing chair is also one of the most affordable replicas, this leather model costing $1,666.80 before shipping.

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The Wing chair was Hans Wegner statement on luxury. Of course he had already designed other luxurious biomorphic items, but the Wing chair is much more serious (but not toned-down). Mid-century sleekness is the signature idea behind this rather minimalistic object, which is favorite on living rooms throughout America but also on high-end office spaces.

About the designer

Born in 1914, Hans Wegner is one of the foremost Danish designers of the md-century modernist period. He created hundreds of chair designs, each one with a different artistic view and functional purpose. Only a hundred of those chairs ever saw the light of day, including the Wing chair, so this replica looks to keep his prolific genius alive into the new millennium.

Features and measurements

The frame of this lounge chair, as well as the ottoman, is molded fiberglass encased in fire-retardant polyurethane. The top-quality leather is chosen from the best dealers with detailed specifications, to later be carefully placed around the frame for a seamless finish. At 35 inches wide, this chair feels more like a throne, but the natural recline of the back does not allow you to sit straight for longer periods of time. You’re meant to unwind in an elegant fashion. The base is solid, polished stainless steel with protective pads to avoid scratching, and stretched outward for increased balance.

Suggested Item: Wing Chair

Like we mentioned, this chair is perfect for living rooms and offices, though it might also look good on a minimalist bedroom, as a lounge chair for late-night reading sessions. There’s not much else we can tell you about it: less is always more when it comes to luxury furniture.