5 Awesome Features Of The Arco Floor Lamp

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Mar 3rd 2016

The statuesque Arco lamp replica is a reproduction of the Casiglioni Arco lamp, the most prestigious arch floor lamp in its class. Its unusual shape was modeled after a street lamp, according to the Casiglioni brothers themselves. However, its shape is debatable, which makes this lamp all the more interesting. There’s nothing like beholding the lamp and arguing over whether it resembles a large flower, a straw or whatever else the imagination conjures… in your possession, that is. If you’re curious about what makes the Manhattan Home Design Arco lamp replica special, it has five features that may not be present within other Arco floor lamp replicas.

1. An Adjustable Shade

The Arco lamp was originally produced in a long, curved arch fashion to make light accessible to a table underneath it. That makes it so much more comfortable, as opposed to having to position a table below an overhead lamp for accessible light. Our Arco lamp replica goes beyond this for comfort’s sake, with a more technologically and architecturally advanced shade. The shade of the MHD Arco lamp replica has pivotal motions, allowing adjustments to be made to its angle. The user can thus shine light on whichever direction they need.

2. Choose Your Own Degree of brightness

The Arco floor lamp replica grants you full control of the brightness emerging from the lamp with an attached dimmer. Sitting latently on the wire that connects the base to the plug, this little contraption allows you to make the bulb emit as much brightness as you desire. This way, it can be used at virtually any time, since the brightness can be modified to meet the needs of the room.

3. Real Carrara Marble

Quarried from the recesses of the Apuan Alps in the Italian city of Carrara, the gorgeous block that holds each Arco lamp is composed of genuine marble. Besides the beaming beauty of the marble base, it also has the purpose of grounding the lamp and holding its mass. Weighing at over 150 pounds, this beautiful sab of marble is sturdy enough to hold the rest of the arch lamp’s body firmly in place.

4. Artfulness in the Details

The Arco floor lamp is undoubtedly a piece of art that has a strong bent for décor. A closer look at its details reveals even more artistic features. The shade, or the hood for instance, is accented with holes that allow light permeate out, creating beautiful light and shadow art at the ceiling. Holey shapes can also be made at a wall or wherever you choose to direct the shade. There is a total of 126 holes on the aluminum heat diffuser.

5. Sleek Stainless Steel & Gorgeous Metallic Finishing

The arched body or stem is made up of 100% stainless steel finish, polished to the utmost sleekest. Brushed aluminum decorates the heat diffuser and the upper head. The shade is chrome-finished. Different metallic styles make this Arco lamp replica a mesh of metallic gloss and wonder.