Beat Back The Winter Blues With Our Amazing Feel-Good Pieces

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on May 4th 2016

In the wake of snowstorms, smatterings of frigid temperatures and shorter days, winter is in full-throttle here in New York City. To brighten your winter-induced bad mood, you may visit our showroom for free. Although our gorgeous showroom features some of our best-sellers, we sell myriads of more furniture online. We carry certain pieces that have happy, feel-good qualities to their aesthetic that are sure to lighten you up out of the recesses of depression. Yes, we’re that dramatic. Behold some of our midcentury modern furniture that receive less attention. They’ll melt away the iciness of winter and lift you up.

Serenity Sleeper Sofa

What’s not to love about a couch that smiles, essentially when viewed from any angle? Especially when you feel down in the dump. This convertible sleeper/sofa can have the upper cushioning flattened out on both sides, depending on your needs. You can kick back and lie on it while enjoying a book or film, or let your guests that sleep over sleep on it. Either way, it produces a pleasant environment from its whimsical appearance that smiles back at you.

Madera Z Dining Chair

A gorgeous wooden veneer with a polished finishing in your choice of color between black, white and espresso, this chair will grab the attention of both you and your guests. It has the air of artistry of a statue-like piece you would see in a museum. It looks like an artifact from a past time, yet manages to bring a modern flair from its Z-shaped body. It’s the only chair that has a bottom panel, great for resting your feet. This chair is ideal for rustic fans, with its wooden construction.

Mademoiselle Chair

Also called the Flower Accent chair, this chair provides splashes of color in the form of beautiful flora. A great reminder that spring is coming, this chair will enliven a room devoid of color. It also works great with other colorful pieces. The great thing about this chair is because of its toned up look, it can stand alone with different chairs. It’s almost like an accessory to your indoor space. A rounded back adds to the uniqueness of this chair. Although it can stand as a side chair, we suggest, placing nothing on its seat to let it show off its design.

Spectrum Metal Chandelier

Is it an atom? IS it an insect? Is it some neat plant? Whatever your take on the shape of this lamp is, it is an instant stunner. Light up your world during dark, brumal evening with this hanging lamp, composed of a metal pole and body, with translucent bulbs. The clear bulbs are a small nod-off to Christmas tree lights, which makes this chandelier all the more inventive. This chandelier will up the cool factor of your personal space. It can also help get things going, small-talk-wise, as you may well find yourself discussing what the shape entails.

Lindbergh Aviation Clocks

These vintage-style clocks are excellent accessories to virtually any space. They sit nicely atop a dresser in a bedroom, a credenza or sideboard in a living, a table in the kitchen or a shelf in the hall. These are more than just toy-like helicopters; they have clocks on the faces, adding to their convenience. Looking like the aviation machines from the mid-20th century (think Pop-Eye), these clocks will adorn your space in an amusing way, sure to leave guests peering at them, mulling over how clever your sense of interior design is.