​Black Friday Deals Are Here! Check The Woodrow Sofa & More Items with Discount

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Nov 15th 2021

Black Friday is almost here and Manhattan Home Design haves it very clear! This expected time of the year is usually very planned by many people who love to save a few bucks in purchases.

This year Black Friday will be celebrated on November 26, although, we are already offering great deals like the Woodrow sofa discount to anticipate your Christmas gifts, home renovation, office update, or any other plan-related furnishing.

So, what is our Black Friday Deal? This offer’s basically for purchases above 999$. On purchases with that amount or more, we’ll be discounting 100$.

Wait, there’s more… Besides the 100$ discount, we’ll be also giving you a FREE MoMA that has a value of 300$. You will just need to use the following code:

Here are a few deals that you can’t miss this Black Friday, scroll down and choose your favorite!

Woodrow sofa - A warm and elegant icon to receive family

At this time of the year, family reunions are a must-do kind of thing. We take advantage of holidays to finally reunite with our loved ones, so what a better way to receive them than with warm and spacious furniture.

The Woodrow sofa is an accurate example of what century style really is. The organic lines, simple structure, leather, and wood materials personify the essence of the golden years. It’s very fittable with any environment since the contrast between the aniline leather and wood makes a very neutral piece.

The Woodrow sofa proportions are but rare to see in any living room that’s one of the main reasons why is so unique. It has a very large seat and filled cushions that make you feel warm. Imagine having this piece in the center of the living room while opening the Christmas gifts next to your loved ones, a pretty good picture right?

Next, we have one of our most sold pieces: the Womb Chair replica.

The Womb Chair Replica - Perfect chair to read

If you’re looking to update that old and uncomfy chair in the corner, the Womb chair replica might be the perfect alternative to it. Our Womb Chair and Ottoman feature accurately shaped fiberglass frames and high-density memory foam moldings wrapped in luxurious fabric.

We try to reproduce every detail from the original design, using the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as Saarinen himself.

Now that we have mentioned two elements to decorate your living room and bedroom, but since these times have changed the modality of work we are also offering a great stylish deal to set up your office.

The Protractor Desk - Most stylish mid-century piece

If you care about ergonomics and style, the protractor desk can reach both goals. This mid-century piece offers you the following features:

  • Body Materials Real American Walnut wood veneer
  • Top Surface 15 mm Tempered Glass surface
  • Design Stainless steel hardware
  • 5 cube drawers on smooth metal glides
  • 1 open face top drawer
  • Honed glass edge

If you like to know more we recommend you to check our catalog

Comment below which was your favorite Black Friday deal!