Everything You Need To Know When Choosing Your Modern Sofa

Posted by Eloy on May 25th 2021

It has ever happened to a large part of our readers that, while living and enjoying the beautiful process of furnishing their home, they suddenly found themselves at a crossroads in not knowing exactly which way to go, especially when it came to choosing their modern sofa.

Choosing the furniture for your home may sound like a very simple task, and even romantic or exciting, but it's not until you find yourself with a much broader catalog of options than you imagined when you begin to fill yourself with insecurities about it, fearing of making a bad choice. It's comprehensible if you consider a nightmare the possibility of choosing a model impulsively and, shortly after, verifying that it wasn't the most suitable for you.

So, we leave you this little guide that we hope will be very helpful for you to make the right choice. Pay attention, because you could find here the key to a wise choice:

How to choose a sofa

One of the most important questions you'll face during your interior design process is how to choose the right sofa. Are you in the middle of that work right now? So, you must have already realized the amazing amount of options that can cross your eyes simply trying to choose the modern sofa that can look best in your living room.

To help you in your process, we can make a small list of the aspects that you should take into account before deciding which is the best design for you and the reasons why these aspects are so relevant in a piece of furniture:

  • Colour. It's not difficult to imagine why color is such an important aspect. If your style is Modernist, it's advisable to have a predominantly light color palette in your environment and choose a sofa model with a bold color that works as an accent tone.
  • Materials. Materials are directly related to the design's functionality. For example, if you're very susceptible to allergies from dust and lint, a leather sofa is probably best for you because they're waterproof and flexible. If you have pets at home, microfiber upholstery is more resistant to hair and claws. If you prefer fabric upholstery, the options are endless in colors and finishes, but it's not the best option if you have small children at home. Reflect for a moment on which material is best for you.
  • Design. There's a very important difference between a modular sofa like the Bellini Camaleonda Sofa, a sectional, a corner sofa, a loveseat, and a linear sofa. All are very functional in their way, but the choice of each one will depend on the needs of the environment and the user's lifestyle. If you have, for example, an open-concept floor plan, a large sectional could help you visually divide the living room area to separate it from the other sections.
  • Size. This is an essential part of any floor plan. You need to know exactly how much space you have for your sofa so that you can choose the correct size model. You don't want to be surprised by bringing home a sofa that is too small or too large for your living room.
  • Style. Finally, you have to ensure that the consonance in the style is maintained. It would look very strange and out of place a classic sofa with all kinds of ornamental details installed in an ultra-modern environment where all the furniture pieces are minimalist, with designs defined by soft and direct lines. Choose the sofa that best reflects your décor's style.

How to choose a sofa slipcover

The most common is that users hire a professional seamstress to make a slipcover customized for each sofa. This guarantees that the model you'll use will suit you perfectly and you can also choose the color and material of your choice, even if it's a model with a very original shape such as the Freeform Sofa & Ottoman.

In any case, the most important thing is that the slipcover can cover the total piece's dimensions in a satisfactory measure: total length, depth, general height, and height from the floor to the surface of the seat. Seat depth, backrest height, and armrests are also taken into account. If the measurements of your slipcover fit these dimensions and the material is appropriate, the choice will be much easier and more successful.

How to choose a sofa style

As we mentioned before, the sofa is often the focal point of many living rooms; that is to say, the object in which the inhabitants and visitors pay their attention first, perhaps because it's one of the most used pieces of furniture in any house and, if it's a particularly striking model like the Ducaroy Quayside, it will more quickly capture the people's attention.

Your sofa's style is directly related to its aesthetic properties, but also its functional capabilities. A Mid-Century Modern style sofa differs from a classic one because its aesthetic is simpler, focused on a functional elegance devoid of unnecessary ornaments. Scandinavian-type sofas are almost always made of wood, with cushions made of some material that serves to keep people warm since this style is typical of the Nordic countries where it's very cold.

Eclectic décors usually combine elements of different styles to deliver original, balanced, and interesting environments, so it's normal to find any type of model in this type of layout. Take into account all the aspects mentioned in the first point and compare them with the style of the piece to make a successful choice.

How to choose a rug for a sectional sofa

The three keys to choosing a rug are easy to memorize and will be your main guide when it comes time to choose: size, materials, and colors. We recommend that, before choosing any type of rug, ask yourself first if you really need it in your layout and if its aesthetic and functional benefits are worth it.

Remember that a rug is an element that, in any case, you must keep in good condition so that it can provide that complementary effect you're looking for. Keep in mind some fundamental factors before making your choice, such as the presence of pets, the region's temperature, and exposure to certain environmental factors, such as excess humidity or excessively dusty environments.

If you choose an area rug to match your sectional sofa, remember that the dimensions of your couch are a key factor in achieving proper visual cohesion in your layout. Interior designers recommend that the rug should fit well under your sofa’s front legs, and it should extend three feet or more beyond your coffee table.

How to choose a sectional sofa

The first thing you have to know is that sectional sofas, such as the Spiers Right-Facing Sectional, represent an excellent modernist alternative and extremely convenient in many cases. Many people choose them to cover and make the most of the corner of a living room or any other unoccupied area because they automatically think that it's the best solution and, in many cases, it is.

Sectional sofas have become a popular option for their elongated chaise-shaped seat that also serves to visually separate one area from another, especially in environments based on an open-concept floor plan. In any case, always take into account the particular spot that you'll assign to your sectional sofa because you don't want your living room to appear too cluttered. For this, the floor plan is the key.

If it will be part of an open-concept floor plan, make sure that its dimensions are adequate for the area in which you want to integrate it; that is, you can leave at least a meter or more of distance in the areas around it so that people can move freely. Also, place it in a convenient spot and a suitable distance from the TV or entertainment center, if you'll prepare a space for such activities there.

How to choose cushions for a sofa

Cushions can be an amazing way to add accent colors to your sofa and even to the environment that it will be a part of, especially if it's a light-colored model like the Solae Sofa.

Many people have the habit of constantly changing their cushions depending on the time of year and the thematic season of each moment: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other personal celebration that deserves an image renewal, since this is one of the ways more direct and valid to decorate your sofa.

When it comes to the cushions of the seats and backs, the best thing you can do is make sure that the materials are the most appropriate to ensure great ergonomics, considering that there are many types of padding and the experience of use that each sofa can give you will depend largely on that factor.

Some cushions have down filling combined with synthetic materials. However, memory foam has a very good reputation for being one of the most appropriate materials for cushioning the human body, since it's a material that conforms to the shape of the user's body while they're using it and then, recovers its original shape when it has no pressure on it.

How to choose a sofa color

In the MCM style, the sofa usually plays a very important role in the place's color composition. Almost always, these types of styles are based on a palette of light colors that are contrasted with bold accent tones such as brown, red, yellow, purple, pink, fuchsia, etc. This generates great visual interest and a quite favorable aesthetic effect. The world of sofas is so wide that you'll surely be able to find the ideal color for you, for sure.

Even if you really like leather, you should know that the most up-to-date industrial techniques have allowed dyed leather to appear on the market in an infinite variety of colors.

A Napa sofa with tan leather upholstery, for example, can be the perfect choice for your layout and could even quickly become the undisputed focal point of the place. There are also models with extremely attractive and unusual colors, such as the Valor Performance Velvet Sofa.

How to choose a sofa for the living room?

The answer to this question can be a bit complex, considering that not all living rooms are the same. The best starting point is to define the type of living room and what exactly you need.

Take note of the most important keys about the sofa you want: size, color, materials, style, and type of sofa (linear sofa, sectional, corner sofa, modular sofa, etc.). You'll discover that the world of sofas can be as fascinating as it is exhausting, considering the infinite variety of options you can find.

It's normal for you to feel unsure about which model is the most suitable for you. If you're at least certain that your style is Mid-Century Modern, you can be guided by your instincts — and by your floor plan. Sometimes, it's not necessary to overanalyze, because it's a matter of feeling. Just take a look at two such disparate models, like the Woodrow Box 87 "leather Sofa and the Linea sofa to automatically know which one you identify with the most.

How to choose a comfortable sofa?

First of all, it's important to differentiate between two concepts that, although they're very similar, are actually different: ergonomics and comfort. Often, what feels most comfortable is not necessarily the most ergonomic, and vice versa.

Comfort is simply the pleasant sensation that the sofa can make you feel, while ergonomics is more associated with health, avoiding exposing yourself to risks, and being an appropriate design for your body and mind, in every way. Some models, such as the Napa sofa, are recognized precisely for their great ergonomics and comfort.

Taking into account the above, you can imagine that there are many models of sofas that look much better than they feel; something that, in the long run, is not worth buying. The great goal for you will be to find the sofa that, thanks to its design, size, technical characteristics, materials, and durability, can offer you the perfect balance between ergonomics and comfort.

How to choose a good-quality sofa?

Many people think that the great key to determining the good quality of a sofa is to verify the materials with which it's made. Although, indeed, this is an essential part of its quality, it's not the only thing you should pay attention to. The high-quality designs are made to last for many years and still provide the same user experience, both in ergonomics and comfort.

The most durable sofas often become family heirlooms, and it's much easier to keep them in good condition, as opposed to poor quality sofas, which begin to deteriorate even from the first year of use.

Today, thanks to the advantage of online shopping, stores offer detailed descriptions on their websites about each product. For example, if you're interested in the Florence Sofa 2 Seater Fabric, you can check detailed information about its materials, and you can also check reviews from other buyers, who will surely have something to say about the piece's quality.

As you can see, choosing your new modern sofa represents a whole new universe to explore, but you should never be discouraged in your mission. No matter how demanding you are, how complex your style is, your tastes or preferences, the model of your dreams is waiting for you.