Manhattan Home Design’s guide to choosing the perfect dining set

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 15th 2019

A new home means new beginnings, new friends, new furniture, and probably a new dining set. However, not every dining set is created equal, even if most of them do tend to look the same. At Manhattan Home Design we want for you to get the perfect dining set, not the prettiest or most affordable. Here’s a handy two-point guide on what to look for on a dining set to make sure it’s the right one.

  • 1. The table

When buying dining furniture, most people overlook the broader aspects of choosing a table. They tend to focus on size and measurements, but don’t consider the table’s shape or design purpose, and end up getting something that’s just not right for their space. Smaller spaces should favor round tables, for example, as square tables are almost always better for a dedicated dining room space

The style of the table is also important. For example, Manhattan Home Design’s Revolve and Rostrum sets ($914 and $938) feature a modern style table that’s rounded and clean with a central base, excellent for medium-sized kitchen spaces or smaller living rooms. Alternatively, the Stack Wood set ($878 5-piece) with a rectangular table would be better suited for an apartment with a dining partition closer to the living room.

  • 2. The chairs

Some people also believe that, if they chose the right table, any chair will be good enough. Going with your gut is almost always a good thing, but choosing the right chairs to go with the right table will completely change the dining experience. The chairs on the Revolve set are very stylish, with a certain artistic bent, their style is much more contemporary than that of the Stack dining set chairs, which are more modern, a lot more casual. Which one would you choose?

You’re probably tempted to say the Rostrum or the Revolve set, right? Those chairs are much more fun and elegant, and they look more like designer chairs. They would be a great choice, but how will you use them? Do you want a chair that only works as a dining chair or a chair that you can take with you to other rooms? Aesthetics or functionality? The way you organize your space is very important to find the right chairs (as well as that perfect table). The Stack chairs are very functional and sturdy, durable and also stylish in their own way. See the difference?

Which dining set should I get?

There is one set that we haven’t mentioned: The Gather dining set ($1,157 with stools). If you look it up, you might find the rustic appearance interesting, especially if you didn’t think any of the other sets were for you. The Gather sets (there’s one with stools and another with high chairs), are made for a much more casual, rapid kind of dining. They’re dynamic and perfectly suited for social situations, as the table and seats are small and can be moved around with ease.

Each person’s style and way of life will define what the best dining set can be for them. Take a look at your habits, what you do on your leisure time, how you work from home, and how often you are actually home. Then take a look at how your space is distributed and then, only them, give us a call at Manhattan Home Design so we can help you find the perfect dining set.