​Prolong Your Woodrow Sofa Aniline Leather Life With These Helpful Tips

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Aug 17th 2021

The Woodrow sofa is one of the most luxurious pieces within the Manhattan Home Design catalog. The main reason why this piece belongs to an exclusive list is that its appearance and materials. The Woodrow sofa it’s upholstered with our premium Aniline leather which is a soft, supple, durable, and pliable leather, that maintains the characteristics of the original skin.

Although the aniline leather used in the Woodrow sofa nad more pieces in our store is of high-quality, it’s important to invest some time in its maintenance. Think about it as our skin. we need certain oils and creams to prolong our smooth surface, same with leather.

Today we will show you a few useful tips that are very easy to apply, no worries, you won’t have to break the bank to care for your leather.Avoid the sunlight and air-conditioning

The first and most important thing is the environmental conditions of where you place the Woodrow Sofa, why? Because this is one of the factors that most affect the cracking of leather. Very hot temperatures or lack of humidity are one of the causes of its deterioration. In addition, it is also important to position your Woodrow sofa or any other piece of leather, away from sunlight and radiators, as both dry out the texture of the leather.

Plus! Try to avoid positioning the furniture next to a window and to place it, try to block the sunlight with thick curtains that block UV rays.

Keep your pets away from leather pieces

One of the main reasons leather deteriorates is due to pets, specifically their sharp nails. Most pets will naturally use the leather of the sofa to rip it, avoid this by teaching them not to ride on top of the leather pieces.

Spend time cleaning and hydrating

As we mentioned before, leather-like any other type of skin needs to be cleaned and hydrated to prevent breakage. To clean it, you can use cotton fabrics together with a mixture of soap and water. Avoid in this process any very invasive product that can affect the texture of the leather.

For hydration, on the other hand, you can use leather creams, these will increase resistance to stains and spills while nourishing and caring for the leather. In case you don't like the use of creams, you can also use natural oils.