The Mind Behind The Finn Juhl Sideboard

Posted by Eloy on Mar 11th 2020

You may have heard once that Finn Juhl is one of the best known and celebrated names in the world of mid-century modern style and that his creations had a very important influence within the world of … read more

Designer of the Week - Alvar Aalto

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 21st 2019

After 20 DOTW articles, we were looking to do a little of a return to form. The more recent articles were longer, wodier, and featured both big and not-so-big names in the mid-century furniture indust … read more

Designer of the Week: Peter Behrens

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 15th 2019

German designer and architect Peter Behrens was an influence to many in the modernist movement, including Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and a large group of the school’s most notable alumni.He was … read more