Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 10th 2017

Outdoor living has changed over the time. It has become a space where people want to relax and get entertained with family and friends at the end of a busy day. The outdoor living areas are being furnished with large televisions and fireplaces for entertainment and relaxation. The outdoor kitchens are also not left behind. They are equipped with large kitchen ranges, barbeque sets and refrigerators to host a party for a group of friends.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living has just become an extension of the indoor living. The homeowner prefers to create a seamless transition of interior décor from indoors to outdoors. The current trend is, the look of the outdoors should be similar to what they have inside. The cross over is more important in the seating area where color palette and contemporary style emphasize the connection between the outdoor and the indoor spaces.

Outdoor Pub Set

People are interested in hanging outdoors for entertainment. They want to have barbeque fun with some cocktails. And when you are entertaining guests, you need furniture in your patio that is comfortable and reflects today’s lifestyle.

When you buy a patio set, you need to make sure it stands all the weather conditions. The chairs should have deep cushioning to offer a relaxed environment to the guests. The furniture must have an aluminum finish, UV-inhibitors and should be made of waterproof Sunbrella fabrics. The wide ranges of patio sets at Manhattan Home design are durable and make a statement. These pub sets will change the living experience of your outdoors.

Care for Outdoor Furniture

Although most of the outdoor furniture is said to be weather resistant. You need to take a little care to keep them look clean and charming. Here are some tips:

  • Quickly remove the mildew
  • Once a season, hose down the frames and cushions with soap and water.
  • Remove dust regularly with a soft cloth
  • To prevent damage from heavy pollen and squirrels, keep the furniture covered.

    Do you have some tips to share on outdoor furniture? We’re listening!