5 Super Easy Hacks To Spring Clean Your Office

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 27th 2016

Last week we took you through how you can Spring Clean your home - indoors and outdoors in preparation for the Spring Cleaning Week from 6th to 12th March, 2017. But an integral part of our lives is also our office. How can we miss out on that?

Spring Cleaning for office is equally important and as much a challenge! Now that it’s officially Spring, it is the best time to declutter your desk. It is the perfect time for workspace improvement, and according to several studies, it also helps up your morale!

Below are the easiest of the easy hacks in decluttering your space this Spring:

1. Organize

For a majority of us, when we think of Spring Cleaning, we think of throwing away a lot of the things that we assume are cluttering the desk. But if you look at it, the only thing that needs to be done is organizing your desk. Essentially, it means that we organize our desk in a way that all that we need often, is at an arm's length and other uncommon utilities can be placed neatly, in a drawer.

2. Get rid of the paper!

It just so happens that when you start cleaning, the big pile of papers on your desk, is of no value to you anymore. While going through the stack, it is recommended you ask yourself the following questions: Do I need this paper? Why? Where can I keep it? Based on this, derive a filing system, that will help you keep your papers organized and help in organizing your desk.

3. Cord chaos

These things called cords can give you nightmares! Not only do they add to the work stress, but they are also sure to make your desk look ugly. This is one of the easiest things to do to ensure the desk looks clean. Just get a couple of binder clips and voila! There is your desk, in order!

4. Get some plants

Spring Cleaning is the best time to change the look of your office! Gone are the days where an office is “supposed to” look a certain way. Studies reveal that adding greenery, can boost the spirit of the office space. Apart from that, another story reads that plants help in removing toxins from the air. And, when better to do it than during Spring Cleaning?

5. Antiquated furniture? No way!

Last but not the least, an important thing to check for during Spring Cleaning your office is your furniture. Ergonomics, today is big! And ergonomics and furniture go hand-in-hand. The quintessential office chair, the ultimate desk and an unscattered office - essentials to a successful office!

Got more hacks on you? Share in the comments section below!