Pendant Lights For Your Interiors

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 9th 2017

Pendant light fixtures are one of the important tools of interior decoration. They bring in a festive sparkle and showcase your sense of style. Pendant lights can be used in wide range of rooms from the kitchen to bathrooms. Each type of pendant light is designed differently to serve a different purpose.

The word Pendant in lighting refers to a light fixture that is mounted on a cable, stem or chain and hangs down from the ceiling. They have become popular lighting choice for homeowners because they are not expensive and bulky like the chandelier. Pendant fixtures provide task lighting and also general lighting in kitchen, dining area or living space. Since they hang from the ceiling they also become the focal point of the room. They are the popular pick for task lighting over the counters, kitchen islands, and kitchen tables.

Types of Pendant lights

Before you buy pendant lights for your home, you need to be aware of few basic guidelines. Pendant lights come in many varieties. Basically, the pendant lights are made with different materials like glass, metal, plastic, and cloth.

Glass Pendants

Glass pendant lights are the popular choice of interior designers. Glass Pendant lights are attractive, functional and versatile. They can be placed anywhere in the home – kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and dining room. When used in multiple numbers, the lights bring in stylishness to the area. At Manhattan Home Design, our collection of glass pendant lights includes Salina Antique Silver or Bronze Mercury Glass Pendant Light, Percy Glass Pendant Light and Riva Glass Pendant Light. These lights provide direct light to the task area and can also be added as a stylish accessory to the room decor.

Shade Pendants

Shade pendant lights add style and elegance to your rooms. They make the rooms look lively and colorful. You get to choose shade lights made from a range of materials like jute, cotton, hemp and any other trendy materials. At Manhattan Home Design you get to pick between the options Synclair Jute Oversized Pendant Light and the Loop Pendant Light.

Bowl Pendant Lights

Bowl Pendant lights are the fixtures where a small bowl is affixed at the bottom of a rod. And the bowl is held by chains from four sides.

Drum Pendant Lights

Drum Pendant lights are shaped just like a drum. Usually, they are made of wood, fabric or any other trendy material. They also have some decorative accessories like fringe, crystal and hand paintings. Regan Wood and Stone Pendant Light from the Manhattan Home Design is the perfect example of Drum Pendant Lights. Drum Pendant Lights are the compact version of the chandelier.

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