Tulips Tables For Modern Settings

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 1st 2017

Retro style interior design offers a perfect blend of contemporary décor and classy furniture. It creates beautiful, unique, and elegant living space. Adding Tulips tables will enhance the look of your modern interiors and bring in the retro-modern look to your home. Manhattan Home Design presents a range of Tulip tables for the modern decoration of your home.

In the world of interior design, Tulip lineup is one of the most recognizable items of furniture. They add unique character to your living space when combined with classic art elements. In 1956, Knoll and Saarinen together brought a revolution in the décor world by designing Tulip chairs and tables. Flowing curves and fluid designs are the basic ergonomics of Saarinen. His philosophy behind designing the lineup of Tulip was simple and clear. He wanted to eliminate the slum of legs in the American homes.

Tulip Tables for Modern settings

The timelessly stylish Tulip tables are designed to be simple and functional. The Tulip table tops are made of high-quality fiberglass and are available in a variety of models and colors. They also come in different sizes of small, medium and compact to fit perfectly in your living room, dining area or library.

Round Tulip Tables

The round Tulip table replica with its unsealed artificial marble top adds sophistication to any space where it is put. Designed by Manhattan Home Design to be part of the Mad Men Collection, this replica can serve as an elegant dining table and can accommodate up to 10 people. This modern table replica is also available in fiber glass top and wooden top.

Oval Shaped Tulip Tables

Bring in a transition to your dining room by adding the Oval shaped Tulip table. This piece of furniture blends perfectly with your gorgeous interiors and brings in a spectacular look. At the Manhattan Home Design, the oval shaped Tulip tables come in compact and large sizes with artificial marble and walnut wood tops.

Square Tulip Tables

The premium replica square Tulip table is a popular choice for dining areas. Square Tulip Tables at the Manhattan Home Design are available in a selection of artificial marble or walnut wooden tops and in different sizes and shapes. You can also add it in your library for a classic look.

Rectangle Tulip Table

The Tulip Table Replica with rectangular artificial marble top dining table brings in retro modern look to your dining room. The table is also available in wood top hinges and can easily accommodate 10 guests.

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