Manhattan Home Design's best ottomans [part 1]

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 14th 2019

Manhattan Home Design's best ottomans [part 1]

Ottomans are becoming very popular amongst lovers of comfort, the bohemian style, and lounge chairs. They are usually tied to the latter category, but they can also make from great ornaments and living room additions on their own with no issue. Particularly, an ottoman might also be one of the most affordable seating solutions for the living room and for bedrooms alike.

Here are Manhattan Home Design’s 5 best ottomans this year, but don’t worry if you don’t like any of them: our catalog is broad and constantly being updated. There’s something for everyone! We have indeed omitted a lot of ottomans that are just joining the ranks of our product line or that you can buy as separate seating choices from their accompanying lounge chairs, but we’ll do a second article on them in a few days. In the meantime, let’s look at our first five choices:

  • 1.Empress Bonded Leather Ottoman ($336)

One of our best looking ottomans, the Empress is also available in wool fabric, but the leather variant has always been a lot more popular. For this price, you are getting top-quality bonded leather upholstery filled with polyurethane foam and a hard wood base. 

Suggested Item: Empress Bonded Leather Ottoman

Very padded and fluffy, this ottoman is big enough to be both a leg rest and a casual seat on its own. We actually recommend you try it the second way. The top cushion is completely removable and makes the cleaning process easier. You can get the upholstery on the classic black finish or a beautiful white-clad variant.

  • 2.Glove Leather Ottoman ($821)

Very beautiful and stylish modernist ottoman. This one is more of a chair than a simple leg rest, and you can think of it as an additional stool for large living rooms that usually have a lot of people in them.

Suggested Item: Glove Leather Ottoman

Besides, at this price you can think about buying more than one. The high-density foam cushioning is covered by top-grain aniline leather of the best quality, and supported by a molded fiberglass frame. The base is mirror-finished aluminum. You can get this ottoman on black, brown, red, and terracotta.

  • 3.Bocagrande Ottoman Brown ($1,267.50)

The functional and lightweight Bocagrande ottoman is a great choice for the outdoors and features brown synthetic woven resin supported by a galvanized aluminum frame. The upholstery is completely UV-resistant and also helps absorb moisture, making it perfect for pool areas as well.The Bocagrande is part of a large collection of outdoor furniture, one of Manhattan Home Design’s best-selling solutions for open areas. However, it is also a great seating choice on its own, and any indoor space will also benefit from its calming and comfortable finish.

  • 4.Fiji Ottoman Gray ($1,492.50)

The Fiji ottoman is much bulkier and boxier than its other counterparts on this list, but it is also much sleeker and seamless. This is perfect for minimalist spaces that don’t require additional accents or decoration, and also for spaces that favor a lighter color palette and a much more relaxed atmosphere. 

Suggested Item: Fiji Ottoman

The Fiji ottoman, however, was originally intended for the outdoors, so the fabric and upholstery are UV-resistant as well. The base is aluminum.

  • 5.Reach Upholstered Ottoman ($705)

Last but not least, the Reach ottoman can be a great companion to any kind of lounge chair and couch. Very lightweight and sturdy (because of its outstanding X-shaped stainless steel base), this is one of our most functional and simple ottomans. The modern finish is made from plush, deep-seated fabric cushions that are exactly four inches thick, making it one of Manhattan Home Design’s most comfortable ottomans.